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Re: Pre-ITP: apache/mod_php

Hello Brian,

>> > Note also: Currently gd is picking up the X11 libXpm, but with some work
>> > it could be told to find the noX version (and add dependency on that
>> > package instead.)  That would at least eliminate a dependency on libX11
>> > for the -gd package, which could save considerable hassle if someone
>> > didn't want any of the xorg stuff.  Or *gulp* I suppose it might be
>> > possible to offer both, I think Debian does this.
>> Umm, frankly, I see no reason to have apache (a daemon serving external
>> clients) depend on X.  Does gd use libXpm for anything other than image
>> conversion?  If not, I'd go with the noX version.

> Yes, that's all it uses it for.  And I agree about not pulling in X11
> server :-).  I think the reason it stuck in my mind must have been that
> some distros wrestle with having both the X11 / noX flavors of Xpm, but
> since the noX lib is packaged seperately in Cygwin and can coexist with
> xorg packages, there's no reason not to just require that regardless of
> presence/lack of libX11.

I have this already fixed in my sources here, will post a patch later.


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