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Re: Pre-ITP: apache/mod_php

Hello Brian,

Am Donnerstag, 23. September 2004 um 23:48 schriebst du:

> "Gerrit P. Haase" wrote:

>> > B) Compiled in cygphp4.dll (bundled libs) / won't work shared:
>> > bcmath, calendar, dba (gdbm, cdb, cdb_make, inifile, flatfile), dbase,
>> > dbx, dio, exif, filepro, ftp, mysql, pcre, xml

>> Why don't these work shared?

> I'm not sure.  They build to .dlls fine, but when activated in php.ini I
> get the following in error_log:

> PHP Warning:  Unknown(): Invalid library (maybe not a PHP library)
> 'php4_bcmath.dll'  in Unknown on line 0


> I assumed that it was just the implication of "NOTE: Not all extensions
> can be build as 'shared'." that is part of ./configure --help's output.
> It's also noteworthy that all of the above are extensions comprised of
> bundled code, not extensions that link to system-libraries.

I'll see what happens if I try to load the modules, how do I tell the
CGI or CLI executable to load a module?

>> Would you like to contribute the mysqlclient package?  I should build
>> without problems also with shared libs (of course after relibtoolizing
>> and adding the -no-undefined flag).

> I'm going to try building it later, and if it's straightforward then I
> don't mind maintaining it.

Great;)  I have a recipe and a patch at my website:

There are the flags for a build with the server, cannot hurt to try it
from time to time to build the server.  There is a flag to build just
the client side, see the docs for this.

Important is the first part:
CFLAGS="-O3" \
 CC=gcc \
 CXX=gcc \
 CXXFLAGS="-O3 -mcpu=pentiumpro -fno-omit-frame-pointer -felide-constructors -fno-exceptions -fno-rtti" \
 ./configure \
use gcc as C++ compiler!  And optimize as much as possible!

There were some more changes to the source needed with recent cygwin
releases and recent myusql releases as are covered with the patch, I
have posted one to the list, but there may be others.

Then the patch will fail on newer mysql releases, you may ignore the
most of this (configure,, other generated files) only the, and sourcecode patches are important, the
rest will be regenerated when running autreconf -fiv. 

>> Isn't is possible to keep the names?  Apache with mod_xyz packages?

> Yeah, but I wanted opinions on the package names that have never been in
> the Cygwin distribution before, like the php extensions.  And given that
> at the moment the only real legacy package is Apache 1.3 I thought it
> would be a rare chance to actually plan out the whole layout so that
> 1.3/2.x and php4/5 etc. doesn't bite later.

Yes, of course, you're the maintainer;)


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