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Re: ocaml-3.08.1-2

On Thu, 23 Sep 2004, Gerrit P. Haase wrote:

> Hello Igor,
> >> weird is going on there.
> >> 1. I would like OCaml to produce .dll files, not .so files.
> > Does it matter?  It didn't for me on WinXP, but may on other systems.
> I will work, I have no problems with it as long as we are talking
> about modules, but IMHO for libraries in /usr/bin we should use .dll.

I agree.  I believe there is a way of overriding the DLL name that
ocamlmklib produces, but I'll have to take a look.

> >> 2. The name seems to be wrong, shouldn't it be or
> >> cyglablglade2.dll instead of
> > Umm, yes, right now ocamlmklib will not do any name or path munging on the
> > DLLs...  I don't know if it's needed.  The above is the name O'Caml uses
> > on Linux, so...
> Well, if that is the usual name for Linux.

For a module it is.  If you plan to put it in /usr/bin in the Cygwin
installation and link against it, it'll need to be named

> > One solution is to munge the lablgtk build scripts for now (I had to do it
> > with labltk, see the patch in the source package).  Eventually I'll need
> > to fix ocamlmklib to "do the right thing"(tm), but until then it'll have
> > to be done on a package-by-package basis. :-(
> Hey, do we really need shared OCaml libs?

I need them for things like:

$ ocaml
        Objective Caml version 3.08.1
# #load "unix.cma";;
# Unix.time();;
- : float = 1095974816.

> As long as cygwin in regard to this is not supported from the upstream
> site I vote for not using shared libs with OCaml, to much hassle with
> every potential OCaml package.

I'm planning to submit some of the changes I had to make to the upstream
maintainers, and see what they say.  Hopefully they'll accept those
changes that don't affect behavior on Unix systems (which will also let
them consolidate parts of Makefile.nt and Makefile), so that the Cygwin
patch size is minimized.  I'll keep this list posted on the outcome.

> Do you remember, Andrew already reported problems when he
> builds the unison GUI version before shared libs were default, now it
> would be even harder to find the right bits in the configure /
> Makefile / ... scripts.

Yes.  Perhaps the right way would be to build the shared modules, but
patch ocamlmklib to use static libraries for other packages.  That way I
can have dynamic loading capability in the core package, but won't affect
anyone else who wants to use ocaml for their packages.

> ocamlmklib really should create the importlibs automatically, even
> then we'll have to add these all over the place in the Makefiles.

Agreed.  I'll look for a way to patch it to do this automagically.  The
main problem is with name munging, but it's probably not that hard.
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