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Re: Pre-ITP: apache/mod_php

Hello Brian,

> B) Compiled in cygphp4.dll (bundled libs) / won't work shared:
> bcmath, calendar, dba (gdbm, cdb, cdb_make, inifile, flatfile), dbase,
> dbx, dio, exif, filepro, ftp, mysql, pcre, xml

Why don't these work shared?


> Anyway, I'm getting pretty close to being able to ITP a whole slew of
> stuff but I'd like to get some opinions on some matters first.  Below
> are some issues to consider:

> - mysqlclient.  At the moment I'm compiling the "PHP bundled" MySQL
> client library, but I think it would be better if Cygwin had mysqlclient
> and mysqlclient-devel packages.  That way mod_php could link against
> those, and the issue of "no other Apache modules can use MySQL if you
> use the bundled php version" is solved.  I'll take a look at packaging
> this as well, I've read that the -client packages compile cleanly.  I
> don't think the -server side builds clean yet though.

Would you like to contribute the mysqlclient package?  I should build
without problems also with shared libs (of course after relibtoolizing
and adding the -no-undefined flag).

[...package name issue...]

Isn't is possible to keep the names?  Apache with mod_xyz packages?


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