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Re: unison-2.10.2-1 and unison-gtk2-2.10.2-1

>> > Also, you will probably need to include bits of the ocaml sources in
>> > your lablgtk2 source package -- do we want to replicate this?
>> I'm not sure what you mean.  The user will have to install ocaml first in
>> order to build from source.  Is anything more required?
> Is that "ocaml source", or "ocaml binary package"?

ocaml binary.  All the user needs to build LablGTK is the ocaml compiler, plus 
the contents of /usr/lib/ocaml.  No ocaml source code is required.

> The tradition for 
> Cygwin packages is to either have self-contained sources, or to share the
> sources for some packages (via the "external-source:" directives).  It's
> unusual for one source package to depend on another.  Although...  The
> "cygwin" source package depends on the "mingw" and "w32api" sources, so I
> guess it would be ok.

So since only ocaml binary is required, and not source, does that satisfy your 

> I think you can't really strip ocaml executables and expect them
> to work.  Don't strip.

OK, no problem.  Just trying to follow the packaging instructions...  I would 
add, though, that some OCaml executables can be stripped.  In the unison and 
unison-gtk2 packages, I stripped unison.exe and unison-gtk2.exe, and they 
both work fine.  Is it the difference between native and bytecode 
> Great.  No objections from me, then.  As soon as it's reviewed...
> Igor


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