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[Updated] ocaml-3.08.1-2


I've updated the ocaml package to 3.08.1-2.

The most significant change in this release is that it is now built with
shared library support, and thus should support dynamic module loading
(and did, in my limited testing).  Since I'm not sure exactly how ocaml is
going to be used, I've also included the static libraries in this build.
If it turns out that the static libraries aren't needed, I'll remove them
later.  FWIW, despite leaving the static libraries in, the size of the
tarball is actually slightly smaller (still around 10M).

The packaging hasn't changed, but it would be nice if someone who uses
ocaml (Max? Gerrit?) gave it a look-over before it's uploaded.

The files are available at the following URLs:


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