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Re: gnome 2.8.0 and external dependencies

Hello Yaakov,

>> We are missing some of them:
>>       libfam
>>       libgpg-error
>>       libgcrypt
>>       libtasn1
>>       opencdk
>>       gnutls
>>       libgsf
>>       mozilla
>> I think we can skip libfam and mozilla for now;)

> I really wonder how many of the others are needed up front, or only for
> one or two applications which come after the desktop is built.

I have them ready packaged so there should be no problems.  And Volker
takes over the GPG parts (gpg-error, gcrypt) and will try to build gnupg
on top of them.

> I have libgsf on my project page.

Fine, then I don't care about this one;)

>> Wait for announcements of:
>> libxml2
>> libxslt
>> gtk-doc
>> glib

Oops, I missed to announce gtk-doc, it was already uploaded.

>> then you can come with:
>> libIDL
>> ORBit2

> libIDL is already up to date (0.8.3-2 = 0.8.4); I'll see what I can do
> about ORBit2-2.12.0.

Well, I think I can try the GConf build also with the previous
versions. What I've seen so far the major change in most of the
packages is the version bump;)

>> and I'll follow with:
>> intltool
>> libbonobo
>> pango
>> atk
>> gtk+

> Most of these don't have major updates, if I recall, and libbonobo still
> needs to be added.

I have already atk and pango ready for upload, preparing gtk and
libbonobo currently.

>> and then we'll try to get GConf up and running...

> I think that should be the focus, rather than some of those other 
> "prereqs" which aren't needed for libgnomeui-2 and the basic desktop.

Now after Charles found this great fix it should work, at least that I
can debug the problems which wasn't possible without downgrading the
compiler or some other ugly workarounds.

>> The rest is listed in the new "GNOME 2.8 Installation Order" list:

> Well, I still have a pending ITP on libglade, and I could build 
> libgnomecanvas and libwnck 2.8 soon I think.

> What I see to be a real problem is the speed of the ITP process; I have

You can upload libglade without waiting for three votes, and I think
your packages are always usable, so no review is needed, wasn't that
already posted by Corinna too?

> generally seen very little response to my Gnome-related packages, and
> I've had to ask each time for an exemption due to lack of response.  I
> know these libraries aren't very exciting by themselves, but just the
> Gnome desktop needs about 30 packages to be operational.  With the lag
> time on these ITPs and upload requests (I don't have upload privileges
> on, together with the problems with GConf, we missed 2.6 and
> have to start trying with 2.8.  I just hope we get everything up before
> 2.10 (or whatever they decide to call it).

Alright, I'll upload libglade soon.

> So my question is this:  if there's a real commitment to get Gnome into
> the distro, what can we do to speed this process up?  If you visit my
> project site, you can see how much I have (or had from 2.6) ready.  I
> don't mind doing the work if we can get past this hurdle.

We can upload the most uncritical packages without stepping through all
the hurdles.


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