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Re: unison-2.10.2-1 and unison-gtk2-2.10.2-1

>> I decided to go ahead and build a lablgtk2 package myself, so I can
>> reasonably maintain it in the future.
> One thing to note (and I haven't noticed it before myself) is that my
> build of ocaml contains labltk -- will they conflict?

No, I don't think so.??lablgtk2?goes?entirely?into?/usr/lib/ocaml/lablgtk2
and /usr/lib/ocaml/stublibs, plus one file /usr/bin/lablgtk2.

> Also, you will 
> probably need to include bits of the ocaml sources in your lablgtk2 source
> package -- do we want to replicate this?

I'm not sure what you mean.  The user will have to install ocaml first in 
order to build from source.  Is anything more required?

> Here's a (reformatted) excerpt from driver/ in the ocaml
> sources:
> So it looks like "-w s" disables non-unit statement warnings.

OK, thanks.??I?couldn't?find?this.

>> Questions:??should?I?just?give?up?on?stripping?the?executable???Or?is
>> there a workaround???Do?I?need?the?-w?option?at?all???Sorry,?but?I?know
>> almost nothing about OCaml or LablGTK.
> It's up to you.??I'm?guessing?this?is?supposed?to?enable?clean?execution
> of lablgtk2 (i.e., no extraneous messages), so you probably do need it.

exe and remove '-w s', but I'm inclined to leave it alone.
> One last note is that the current release of ocaml doesn't support dynamic
> library loads, so a lot of examples don't work (details upon request).
> I'm working on fixing this, but if anyone has suggestions on how to enable
> shared library support, I'd be interested in hearing them.



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