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Re: unison-2.10.2-1 and unison-gtk2-2.10.2-1

Okay, thank you Gerritt for your careful review of the unison-gtk2

> > unison-gtk2:
> This is difficult to test without having a ready to run LablGtk
> package.

Agreed.  I posted the ITP for lablgtk2 earlier today.  I've now revised
the build instructions, which are much simpler on the assumption that
the user can just install the lablgtk2 package.  Basically it all boils
down now to installing the source package and required dependencies
(including lablgtk2), and then running

make OSCOMP=cygwingnuc UISTYLE=gtk2

> Then, accoprding to your README, there are needed for the build:
> gmodule-2.0.lib
> glib-2.0.lib
> gdk-win32-2.0.lib
> gtk-win32-2.0.lib
> I'm not sure if this is a good idea to depend on third party
> libraries.  Rebuilding is really difficult with this prerequisites.

Agreed.  Thanks for your patch to Makefile.OCaml, which removes the need
to fetch these files separately.

> What else to mention is that my unison-gtk2 executable is
> linked also against libncurses.

Strange; I wonder why.  Can you tell me, what is a command to list all
of the dependencies of an executable?  I assume there is one, and I
probably knew it once...

I've corrected and reuploaded my unison-gtk2 package files.  Except for
possibly correcting setup.hint to add a dependency on libncurses, I
believe they're now ready for upload:


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