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[ITP] lablgtk2-2.4.0-1

I want to package and maintain LablGTK2 for Cygwin.  LablGTK2 is an OCaml 
interface to GTK2.


License:  Specified separately for three parts of the supplied source code.  
Here is what the file COPYING from the source distribution says:

src/ directory: "This library is made available under the LGPL, with the same 
exception as specified in the Objective Caml distribution, to allow freely 
static linking.  You should have got a copy of the LGPL and this exception 
with Objective Caml."  Since OCaml is now part of the Cygwin distribution, I 
assume that these terms are acceptable.

examples/ directory: "you may freely take inspiration from the code, and copy 
parts of it in your application."  This is a vague but apparently free 

applications/ directory: free for personal use; redistribution only "as is"; 
"Binary distribution and bug fixes are allowed, but you cannot extensively 
modify the code without asking the authors."  Clearly non-free; but see below.

I am not building anything in either the examples or applications directories, 
so I don't think these licenses should present a problem.  However if it 
would be preferable, I can simply remove either or both of them from the 
source package, and add an explanatory note for users.


sdesc: "OCaml interface to GTK2"
ldesc: "LablGTK2 is an Objective Caml interface to GTK2.  It uses the
rich type system of Objective Caml 3 to provide a strongly typed yet
comfortable object-oriented interface to GTK2.  All widgets but one
are available, with almost all their methods.  Objective Caml threads
are supported, including for the top level, which allows for interactive
use of the library."
category: Devel
requires: cygwin ocaml atk-runtime gtk2-x11-runtime glib2-runtime pango

Andrew Schulman.

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