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Please upload: gd-2.0.28-1/libgd2-2.0.28-1/libgd-devel-2.0.28-1


Please upload at your earliest convinience

-------------------------------- cut here ------------------------------------

mkdir -p gd gd/libgd2 gd/libgd-devel

cd gd

cd libgd2

cd ../libgd-devel
-------------------------------- cut here ------------------------------------

A graphics library for fast image creation


* Update to latest upstream release.


What's new in version 2.0.28?

  * GIF support has been restored. See gdImageGif, gdImageGifCtx, gdImageGifPtr, gdImageCreateFromGif, gdImageCreateFromGifCtx, and
    gdImageCreateFromGifPtr. These functions are now thread-safe, similar to the PNG and JPEG manipulation functions.
  * The new gdImageCreatePaletteFromTrueColor function is identical to gdImageTrueColorToPalette, except that it returns a new image rather than
    permanently modifying the original.

What's new in version 2.0.27?

  * In gd 2.0.26, there was potential for out of bounds fills, and therefore crashes, in the horizontalLine function used by gdImageFilledPolygon.
    Fixed by John Ellson.
  * The order of the points returned in the bounding rectangle by gdImageStringFT was incorrect in version 2.0.26. This has been corrected in version
    2.0.27. Thanks to Riccardo Cohen for pointing this out, and to John Ellson for verifying and fixing it.

What's new in version 2.0.26?

The following enhancements and fixes:
  * Drastically faster, less memory-intensive antialiased drawing, thanks to Pierre-Alain Joye. This code was imported from the PHP "fork" of gd. The
    API for antialiased drawing has not changed, however the implementation has been completely replaced. Antialiased line drawing does not support
    widths other than 1, however this did not work properly with the other implementation of antialiasing either. Support has been included for the
    "non-blending color" option introduced by the previous implementation of antialiased drawing.
  * gdlib-config, which has been installed by make install for some time now, has gained a --features option. This option produces a space-separated
    list of optional features with which the gd library was compiled. Typical usage looks like this:

    % gdlib-config --features

    Other configure scripts can conveniently define preprocessor symbols based on this list in order to conditionally compile code. For instance, if
    GD_PNG is not reported by --features, then gdImagePng is not included in the library.

    Thanks to Lars Hecking and Lincoln Stein for their advice on implementing this feature. Any blame for the actual implementation is entirely due to
    me (TBB).
  * Fixes to the behavior of the bounding rectangle returned by gdImageStringFT and relatives when the string is rotated. See fontwheeltest.c. Thanks
    to John Ellson.
  * Previously, gdImageStringFT and friends accepted either a full path to a font file, or the name of a font with no extension, in which case the
    GDFONTPATH environment variable and then the compiled-in DEFAULT_FONTPATH was searched. In addition, a font filename with an extension but no full
    path can now be automatically searched for in the same fashion. Thanks to John Ellson.
  * Fixes to freetype antialiased text against a transparent background. See testtr.c. Thanks to John Ellson.
  * Support for named entities like & and hex-coded entities such as 水 in text strings passed to gdImageStringFT and relatives, adding to
    the previous support for decimal-coded entities like Å. These were extracted from entities.html (from the W3C) via the script entities.tcl,
    which is included for the curious and those with other entities they need support for. Thanks to John Ellson.
  * Optimization: gdImageSetPixel no longer calls gdImageAlphaBlend when either the source or the destination pixel is 100% transparent. Thanks to
    John Ellson.
  * Optimization: gdImageLine is potentially faster now in the most common cases. Thanks to John Ellson.
  * Documentation of the entities feature of gdImageStringFT.
  * autoconf/configure fixes. Thanks to many who pointed out an oversight in handling libpng flags.

What's new in version 2.0.25?

Owing to an oversight while making changes to better accommodate the use of gd as a DLL, the extern qualifier was dropped from the declarations of font
pointers in 2.0.24. This has been corrected. Thanks to Richard ("OpenMacNews").

What's new in version 2.0.24?

Windows DLL now uses __stdcall calling convention. Existing applications will require a recompile, using the new version of gd.h, in order to use this
version of the DLL. However, Visual BASIC and other non-C programmers will now be able to use the DLL, which is an enormous benefit and justifies the
one-time inconvenience to existing DLL users.

The elaborate #ifdef test for older versions of Freetype without FT_ENCODING_MS_SYMBOL was needed in a second place also. Thanks to David R. Morrison.

An off-by-one error in gdImageToPalette caused transparency to be applied to the wrong pixels. Thanks to "Super Pikeman."

What's new in version 2.0.23?

Output dpi specification option added to the gdFTStringExtra structure, thanks to Mark Shackelford. See gdImageStringFTEx.

What's new in version 2.0.22?

  * Win32 DLL users: working with pointers exported by DLLs is difficult and causes unexpected results. gd 2.0.22 exports new functions for retrieving
    the basic gd fonts: gdFontGetTiny(), gdFontGetSmall(), gdFontGetMediumBold(), gdFontGetLarge(), and gdFontGetHuge(). You may safely assign the return
    values from these functions to a local gdFontPtr. Direct use of gdFontLarge, etc. is strongly deprecated for users of bgd.dll; use these new
    functions instead.
  * Basic support for loading CMYK-colorspace JPEG images. They are of course converted to RGB which is a lossy process, however the results do look
    quite good and are certainly fine for thumbnails and web previews of DTP work.
  * "make" no longer fails on circletexttest if PNG support is missing.
  * Small performance improvements to gdImageCopyResampled; larger improvements are forthcoming.    


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