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Re: setup 2.427 runtime error

I really hate to be such a PITA ( this time, anyway ). Is there anywhere you'all would suggest I look,
for a probable cause on this monster. It has me dead-in-the-water as regards Cygwin.

Max Bowsher wrote:

David A. Cobb wrote:

Shaffer, Kenneth wrote:

I'm getting a setup.exe runtime error when trying to install from a local
disk (after downloading from the internet) just after the MD5 checks.

I just reported a possibly similar situation

Hi all,

I've made some improvements to setup's error reporting.

Can you try version 2.431 from:
(Little has changed since the last release, so I guess this is a release-candidate).

It should give a more detailed error which should (hopefully) enable me to trace the bug.


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