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Re: [GoodToGo] Re: [ITP] clamav-0.75.1-1 - A GPL virus scanner

Dr. Volker Zell schrieb:
Reini Urban writes:
> I want to contribute and maintain clamav, the GNU virus scanner.

+1 from me

Builds fine here. I wouldn't install the two .conf files in /etc as is, because
user additions (for example HTTP-Proxy settings for freshclam) are
getting overwritten the next time somebody installs a new version.
Please extend the postinstall script to install the conf if they are not
in place.

Would it be possible to install
/usr/src/clamav-0.75.1/contrib/init/RedHat/clamd to /etc/rc.d/init.d ?

Otherwise this package is GTG.

good catches. rel-2 which fixes these issues is on my server. But instead of using the RedHat init.d script I made a better one.

BTW: Any idea how to integrate it into our existing mailers?
Anyway, libclamav.a is provided, so they might add a clamav enabled
package. exim with amavis and spamassasin would be fine.
(as christmas present)

And an on-access scanner. Needs some non-posix WinAPI hooks.
So I can get rid of AV Personal, which finally started
to bring up annoying "notifiers" every day. Some new kind of spam.
Reini Urban

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