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Re: pth-2.0.1-1, GNU Portable Threads

Gerrit P. Haase schrieb:
Reini worte:
Gerrit P. Haase schrieb:

I want to contribute and maintain pth, the GNU Portable Threads.

It builds without modifications since version 1.4 but I never got it
managed to get a shared library, finally I succeeded now to build it
with a DLL.  All tests are passing.

why did you rename aclocal.m4 to acinclude.m4 in the src package?

There are several special macros included in the provided aclocal.m4
file, if you run aclocal, these are lost and you don't get a proper
configure file because there is no acinclude.m4 which includes these
macros in the source tartball.

removing libtool.m4 is also unneccessary, since it's bypassed in your patch.

If this file is present in the source directory, it is picked up by
aclocal, it is the same version as the cygwin libtool, but cygwin
libtool includes specific changes.  Generally I dislike the
distribution of files which are part of other packages, no need to
include libtool.m4 in the source tree.

BTW: a cygwin case would be better

I doesn't make a difference, pth builds fine with the general
definitions, no special case needed, this is the great thing with this
package, it is really portable.

seems like a huge and unneded patch to me.
it's the same autoconf version 2.59 also.

I have stripped it down, now only updated libtool.m4 and to
the -devel version of a default cygwin installation.


Thanks, didn't noticed it.

the rest is okay.

Does this count as a pro vote?

yes, +1 from me.

BTW: where do you have the find_executable() patch from?

The libtool maintainer is Chuck. It is the current libtool-devel version of for cygwin. Please ask him for details.


Updated tarballs:

-- Reini Urban

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