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Re: Some troubles encounted in preparing an official package

Yang Guilong schrieb:
I'm tring to build sylpheed-claws, a powerful mail client using gtk as
GUI toolkit,
with the glib/gtk packages from the official release. But I haven't
made an official package , thus some questions come to my world:

1. When using generic-build-scrpit, I found usually ${objdir} is set
to ${srcdir}/.build,
but sylpheed-claws seems could not be build successfully in this way. Is the case common? Or I just missed something?

For me it's common.
I don't like to link all files to the .build structure (, so I just replace objdir with srcdir in some gbs locations.
This will build into the original locations then. When the upstream maintainers decide to support building into a seperate dir, you can use the original gbs again.


3. Sylpheed-claws have many plugins. One of them,
spamassassin_gtk.dll, depends on another plugin spamassassin.dll. When assign '-module' to LDFLAGS of these two modules, 'libtool
--mode=install' could not install spamassassin_gtk.dll sucdessfully
(see errors attached below) I had to add option --ignore-errors to 'make install'. Is that allowed in g-b-s?

it is allowed but useless.
you have to patch the original makefiles to use -lspamassassin_gtk instead of -lspamassassin.
Reini Urban

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