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Re: gdk-pixbuf for gtk-1.2?

Hi, Yaakov

Just successfully built sylpheed-claws with your gdk-pixbuf and
But I found the plugin couldn't be loaded.

And then I had a rough check for the source package of glib-1.2, 
seems that you didn't include Steven's patch for gmodule (g_module_build_path())
(which is not available not, but i put a copy at
Perhaps it's other reason, I'll investigated it to make sure.

Yang Guilong

On Mon, 06 Sep 2004 17:40:02 -0500, Yaakov Selkowitz
<> wrote:
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> Yang Guilong wrote:
> | Such as gqview, gaim and sylpheed-claws etc. In fact gdk-pixbuf is the
> | standard image loader library of gtk (older applications seem to use
> | imlib). A lot of gnome libraries depend on gdk-pixbuf.
> | It make sense that now gdk-pixbuf is included in gtk-2.0.
> |
> | Now we have the gtk2 version of gqview and gaim. But sylpheed-claws
> | has not been ported to gtk2.
> I just posted a gdk-pixbuf package to my project site.  Could you try it
> and see if everything is working?
> Yaakov
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