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Re: gdk-pixbuf for gtk-1.2?

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Yang Guilong wrote:

| Now that glib-1.2 and gtk-1.2 are out.  But do you have any plan for
gdk-pixbuf for gtk-1.2?
| A lot of gtk applications require it.

Like what?

| And how is the other gnome2 libraries going? I think I have some free
time these two months,
| perhaps I can contribute something to the cygwin official release. At
lease until now we don't
| have any gtk or gtk2 based application in the official release.

Like Gerrit has said, GConf needs work.  Once we get past that, we'll
need some more hands to get all of the Gnome2 libs and desktop ported
(which makes for a lot of packages).

| I just have had beep-media-player-0.9.7rc2 built on gtk-2.4.4 (the
packages from,
| not, and using it to play mp3.  The new UI of bmp is
very cool. (But it requires
| libglade-2.4 which not yet released here)

I have a number of relevant packages available on my project site.
Gerrit had mentioned that he's ported some of them also (including
libglade), but hasn't indicated when he's planning to ITP them.


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