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Re: gdk-pixbuf for gtk-1.2?

Hello Yang,

>> I cannot get GConf to work properly, there is an access violation in
>> ntdll.dll and I get a popup which tells me 'access denied' (error
>> code 5).
>> If you get Gconf up and running with the lock patches from Steve, that
>> would be great (if you ask me we could also disable locking).
>> Unfortunately, I get the same error when I compile no without the
>> patches from Steve and it is not possible to use gdb to track this
>> down.  I used depends profiler from sysinternals to see where the
>> error happens.  It is triggered when the glib thread dll is loaded.
>> So there is a bug in gthread or in the cgwin threads or in windows;)

> Had you ever tried the patch provided by cygnome2 project for gconf-2.4?
> Although also based on Steven's patch, it seems works (except for the
> file locking to prevent it to be shutdown normally.)

Yes, after using the diff, it started to become weird.  The first run
without the patch compiles fine and I got errors during startup, after
applying the patch I got this access denied error.  After removing the
patch I still got this access denied error, now I'm stuck because
whatever I do I get this error here.  I'll try the 2.4 version from
you to see if it is a GConf problem at all.

>> Yaakov and me have the most important packages ready for release, but we
>> need to have GConf.  I could send you my libbonobo packages if you
>> need them.

> I think you don't need to wait to release GNOME package one by one.
> Libglade could be uploaded before GConf as it doesn't reply on GConf,
> nor libbonobo, even not ORBit. libglade stands more close to gtk+
> than to gnome.

> And the same startup-notification and librsvg.

Yes, I'll have some spare time to write some READMEs and to upload
some packages.


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