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Re: gdk-pixbuf for gtk-1.2?


Gerrit P. Haase wrote:
> I have no plans to contribute to gtk & glib.  I will continue to work
> on gnome2.  I vote pro gdk/pixbuf if zou are going to maintain and
> contribute it.
Yaakov, maybe you has some interests in gdk-pixbuf, do you?

> I cannot get GConf to work properly, there is an access violation in
> ntdll.dll and I get a popup which tells me 'access denied' (error
> code 5).
> If you get Gconf up and running with the lock patches from Steve, that
> would be great (if you ask me we could also disable locking).
> Unfortunately, I get the same error when I compile no without the
> patches from Steve and it is not possible to use gdb to track this
> down.  I used depends profiler from sysinternals to see where the
> error happens.  It is triggered when the glib thread dll is loaded.
> So there is a bug in gthread or in the cgwin threads or in windows;)

Had you ever tried the patch provided by cygnome2 project for gconf-2.4?
Although also based on Steven's patch, it seems works (except for the
file locking to prevent it to be shutdown normally.)

> Yaakov and me have the most important packages ready for release, but we
> need to have GConf.  I could send you my libbonobo packages if you
> need them.

I think you don't need to wait to release GNOME package one by one.
Libglade could be uploaded before GConf as it doesn't reply on GConf,
nor libbonobo, even not ORBit. libglade stands more close to gtk+
than to gnome.

And the same startup-notification and librsvg.

Yang Guilong

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