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Re: gdk-pixbuf for gtk-1.2?

Hallo Yang,

Am Freitag, 3. September 2004 um 10:57 schriebst du:

> Hi, Gerrit and Yaakov (and others)

> Just had a quick browse for the August mail archive. 
> Seems that I missed to reply to you.

> Now that glib-1.2 and gtk-1.2 are out.  But do you have any plan for gdk-pixbuf for gtk-1.2?
> A lot of gtk applications require it.

I have no plans to contribute to gtk & glib.  I will continue to work
on gnome2.  I vote pro gdk/pixbuf if zou are going to maintain and
contribute it.

> And how is the other gnome2 libraries going? I think I have some
> free time these two months, perhaps I can contribute something to
> the cygwin official release. At lease until now we don't have any
> gtk or gtk2 based application in the official release.

I cannot get GConf to work properly, there is an access violation in
ntdll.dll and I get a popup which tells me 'access denied' (error
code 5).

If you get Gconf up and running with the lock patches from Steve, that
would be great (if you ask me we could also disable locking).
Unfortunately, I get the same error when I compile no without the
patches from Steve and it is not possible to use gdb to track this
down.  I used depends profiler from sysinternals to see where the
error happens.  It is triggered when the glib thread dll is loaded.
So there is a bug in gthread or in the cgwin threads or in windows;)

> I just have had beep-media-player-0.9.7rc2 built on gtk-2.4.4 (the
> packages from, not, and using it to play
> mp3.  The new UI of bmp is very cool. (But it requires libglade-2.4
> which not yet released here) 


Yaakov and me have the most important packages ready for release, but we
need to have GConf.  I could send you my libbonobo packages if you
need them.


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