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gdk-pixbuf for gtk-1.2?

Hi, Gerrit and Yaakov (and others)

Just had a quick browse for the August mail archive. 
Seems that I missed to reply to you.

Now that glib-1.2 and gtk-1.2 are out.  But do you have any plan for gdk-pixbuf for gtk-1.2?
A lot of gtk applications require it.

And how is the other gnome2 libraries going? I think I have some free time these two months,
perhaps I can contribute something to the cygwin official release. At lease until now we don't 
have any gtk or gtk2 based application in the official release.

I just have had beep-media-player-0.9.7rc2 built on gtk-2.4.4 (the packages from, 
not, and using it to play mp3.  The new UI of bmp is very cool. (But it requires
libglade-2.4 which not yet released here)

Hansom Young

> From: "Gerrit P. Haase" <>
> To: Hansom Young <>
> CC: cygwin-apps <>, cygnome2-devel <>
> Reply-To: "Gerrit P. Haase" <>
> Subject: Re: [Cygnome2-devel] Re: My pending ITPs / votes & reviews wanted
> Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2004 18:36:24 +0200
>  Hansom writes:
>  > BTW: what about glib-1.2/gtk-1.2 ? There're some applications still using them,
>  > such as wmakerconf and dillo.
>  We just need a maintainer, then they could be added to te netrelease
>  too.  I decided to go with GTK2 because I want to have GIMP and other
>  GUI applications which will run without a GNOME desktop too.  But there
>  lot of applications which could be added when GTK would be available
>  (i.e. gnucash).  The glib-1.2.10 & gtk+-1.2.10 are stable, kind of dead,
>  so the maintainer will not have much trouble (at least no updates
>  forever;) 
>  You don't want to maintain these two packages for the Cygwin netrelease?
>  Gerrit
>  -- 
>  =^..^=

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