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Re: [ITP] atk-1.6.1-1 (close but NOT YET)

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Gerrit P. Haase wrote:

| Hello,
| I want to contribute/maintain ATK.
| Canonical website:

Here's a quick review.

Source package:  I think --disable-gtk-doc (instead of enable) should be
used for now for *ALL* packages, at least until (if) we get the gtk-doc
toolchain in the distro (which I personally think is _low_ priority, as
all packages can be built without it).

Your patch includes changes to the whole docs directory, presumably
coming from using gtk-doc.  Doing as above should reduce the size of the

Although not a showstopper, I think "-no-undefined" should be added to
libteststateset_la_LDFLAGS and libtestrelation_la_LDFLAGS in
atk-1.6.1/tests/ (before running autoreconf).

With the changed config flags, the source package builds fine, and the
binary package layout looks good.

| Runtime package setup.hint:
| ===
| category: Libs Devel
| requires: cygwin libiconv2 libintl2 glib2
| sdesc: "low-level core library - runtime library"
| ldesc: "ATK is the low-level core library that forms the basis
| of GTK+ and GNOME. It provides the accessibility API in GNOME."
| Devel package setup.hint:
| ===
| category: Libs Devel
| requires: glib2
| sdesc: "headers and import libraries for ATK"

You need to add "external-source: atk" here.

| Doc package setup.hint:
| ===
| category: Libs Devel Doc
| sdesc: "HTML docs and manpages for ATK"


Once the above are fixed, post to the list, and I'd be willing to review
it again (hopefully after this it'll be gtg).


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