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CMake 2.0.2-1 ready

There has been a new release of the official cmake (2.0.2).
This is a major release from 1.8.3 to 2.0.2

Changes in CMake 2.0.2:

- Remove automatic -I for source directory with makefile generator.
  Problems caused by this can be fixed with this command:
  Or, you can set the CMAKE_BACKWARDS_COMPATIBILITY to 1.8.

- Fixed parsing of unquoted arguments to allow double-quotes within the
- Add a STREQUAL to the IF command.

- Modules/FindFLTK.cmake: look for both Fl.h or Fl.H.

- Fix compound IF crash on unix. BUG id 917.

- Fix path problem with sub projects and IDE workspace files.
- Add a FindKDE module.

- Modules/FindFLTK.cmake: fix for bug 915

- BUG#891: When building CMake itself, use the new cmake to install so 
  that the current cmake can be overwritten.

- BUG: Files in top-level directory of source tree were not reported in updates log 
  for ctest.

- Fix find library so it does not find directories.

Changes in CMake 2.0.1:

- Platform independent Install (no more install-sh); supports pre install, post install, manifest, destdir...; faster and it works on Windows 

- Add support for SWIG

- Optional support for relative paths


- IF command supports better expression	support, like IF(A AND B AND C)

- IF command now has a numeric EQUAL test

- MACRO's now support variable arguments

- FOREACH supports a RANGE of values genertor

- CMake supports an automatic pre-load cmake file in the source tree of a project.

- GET_TARGET_PROPERTY can give you the build location of a target.

- Loaded commands have a crash signal handler to detect crashes not caused by cmake.

- GET/SET_DIRECTORY_PROPERTY/PROPERTIES commands so that we can	change include directories
  and get all sorts of things. 

- VEBOSE build option for visual studio IDE generators.

  environment variables in addition to and before the PATH environment variable.

- Each sub project in a project now creates a top level IDE project file so it can
  be loaded independently.

- A saftey chech was added to make sure that files written using WRITE_FILE 
  and FILE WRITE are not used as input files which can lead to infinite loops in the build.

- Add support for adding object files and sources. This way you can use external 
  program such as assembler or fortran to generate object files. Also star of 
  fixing: Bug #757

- add .o file as a source file.


- CCmake support for HOME and END keys. Also fix Bug #666, in CCMake when deleting
  something, it does not stop at the beginning of line.

- Fix externl projects for VS7 and VS6.

- New support for import of modules without specifying a path.

- New testing option to build and run an executable --build-and-test.

- Support for shared library versions on UNIX.

- SUBDIR command now supports PREORDER build option.

- Add support for file names with +-~ in them for borland compiler.

- Mac OSX bundle executable creation support with the ADD_EXECUTABLE command.

- CTest Support for in-source builds.

- CTest Skip tests that do not have defects.

- CTest new option -I that adds the ability to run a limited sub-set of the tests.

- CTest support for Valgrind and Purify.

- CTest New testing script support, that allows the nightly testing process to be automated.

- New Find modules: FindPHP4.cmake, FindPerlLibs.cmake, FindPike.cmake, FindRuby.cmake, FindSWIG.cmake, UseSWIG.cmake

- Many bug fixes and other minor changes.

Here are the required files:

# CMake setup.hint file for cygwin setup.exe program
category: Devel
requires: libncurses7 cygwin
sdesc: "A cross platform build manger"
ldesc: "CMake is a cross platform build manager. It allows you to specify build parameters for C and C++ programs in a cross platform manner. For cygwin Makefiles will be generated. CMake is also capable of generating microsoft project files, nmake, and borland makefiles. CMake can also perform system inspection operations like finding installed libraries and header files."
prev: 1.8.3-1
curr: 2.0.2-1

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