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Re: Generic build script instructions

Op Fri, 18 Jun 2004 22:49:11 -0400 (EDT) schreef Igor Pechtchanski
in <>:

[ask for two separate patches?]

:  I think I'd prefer the multiple parameters patch first, with its own
:  ChangeLog.  That part looks good enough to check in, actually.


ChangeLog entry:

2004-06-19  Bas van Gompel  <>

	* templates/generic-build-script: Allow multiple arguments.

:    As for the
:  "ispatch" part, let's discuss the name and the possible functionality (you
:  mentioned adding extra), and then it can be an add-on on top of the first
:  patch.  Frankly, I have reservations about the build script mucking with
:  anything outside of the build directory...

See other mail. About the extras I'm not sure what you mean... the
backing up is already implemented (by using ``cp --backup=numbered'').

:  Thanks for contributing,
:  	Igor

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