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Re: Generic build script instructions

Igor Pechtchanski schrieb:
On Sat, 19 Jun 2004, Bas van Gompel wrote:
: > Each of them does:
: >
: > *) Allow more than one argument at a time (e.g. do
: > ``./ prep conf build'').
: >
: > *) An ``ispatch'' command, copying a fresh patch, to make the porting
: > process easier. (When you're done editing, do a
: > ``./boffo-1.0.36-1 clean mkpatch ispatch finish all''
: > to get your new packages.) It backs up your old patch, to be on the
: > safe side.
: I'm not clear on what the second part does.  Could you please elaborate on
: the purpose of "ispatch()"?

Ok. Let me try to make this clear...

You install the upstream package and a new gbs. you do a
``./ prep'', cd into boffo-x.y and edit some files.
You now do a ``./ conf build'' and discover the
build succeeds. A ``./ check'' reveals it passes it's
testsuite. You do a ``./ clean mkpatch'' and
look at the generated patch. It looks OK. You can then do
`./ ispatch'' to make sure you don't lose your
edits when you remove the boffo-x.y-directory (e.g. by doing
`./ finish all'').

In other words: ``ispatch'' copies the patch generated by ``mkpatch''
from .sinst to ${topdir}, so it can be used now, not just get included
by ``spkg''.

I see. That's not quite the way I use the gbs (I never edit the patched directory, but keep the original edited version separately). Perhaps "ispatch" is not the best name for it? Looks like "savepatch" might be better... As I never intend to use this feature, the above is just a suggestion.

I'd also vastly prefer "savepatch" over "ispatch". ispatch sounds boolean, something to check.
(I'm coming from a lisp background, but we are not only bound to the "patchp" notation :)
Reini Urban

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