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Re: Generic build script instructions

Op Fri, 18 Jun 2004 09:04:42 -0400 (EDT) schreef Igor Pechtchanski
in <>:
: > +  ( exit ${STATUS} ) || exit ${STATUS}
:       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
: > +  shift
: > +done
:  Do we really need a subshell here?  Isn't an "if" test enough (and more
:  efficient)?

Some thoughts. I did not do any testing on this.

*) ``if test ${STATUS} -ne 0 ; then exit ${STATUS} fi'' does fork
   a ``test'', doesn't it?
*) ISTR ``autoconf'' generated ``configure''-s use a similar method.
*) Most of the gbs-functions use a subshell ``(cd ${srcdir}...'';
*) Relative to a configure, make or check this overhead should be

:  P.S. I'm wondering whether I should ask for two separate patches, as they
:  are independent and it's a bit hard to see the addition of "ispatch()"
:  with the indentation adjustment...

Hence the ``diff -b'' copy of the patch... If you decide I need to split
this up, please let me know if you prefer any order of the patches, or
should they be independant (from a common ancestor, for you to merge).


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