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[ITP-3] glib2-2.4.2-1 (was: Re: [ITP-2] glib-2.4.2-1)


>>>>>> Gerrit P Haase writes:

>     > Forget the patch with the static library.  Though it works for
>     > glib-genmarshal it will fail later with gobject-scan which is more
>     > problematic.  Unless someone figures out how to build gobject-scan
>     > statically I need to find another solution.

> Too late, I just recompiled with your patch and it didn't work for me.

You have called `make clean' before retrying? Anyway, see below.

>     > The simple solution would be to add all the paths where DLLs are created
>     > in the buildscript so they will be available during build.

> That's what I'm usually doing when I'm in a hurry with a private package
> :-)

Now I reconfigure with my patched libtool, the patch will grow but it
will work for sure (now also with --disable-gtk-doc which in fact makes
the doc package smaller).

The new package to replace the old one is posted again here:

-----> PLEASE, check the md5sums after downloading!


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