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Re: [ITP-2] glib-2.4.2-1

Hi Charles,

> Gerrit P. Haase wrote:

>>>It's such things that makes some people think GLib is a GNOME 
>>>or graphical library and should be avoided at all.

>> I agree. There are some overlappings though.  But since there are
>> already some of the core libraries of the GNOME desktop in /usr we
>> should just stay with it.

> I support the /opt/gnome2/ (or whatever) idea for gnome libs and apps.
> However, I wouldn't cry -- and would probably support -- the idea of 
> NON-gnome libs, which are currently not yet part of cygwin, but which 
> gnome uses, to live in /usr.  Like glib, audiofile, etc.

> OTOH, gtk+, being a windowing library, could go either way IMO.  If it
> goes in /opt/gnome2/, then later some genius could provide gtk+win which
> could live in /opt/gnome2-win/ and use MSW windowing+cygwin(*) instead
> of X+cygwin. (I assume that the folks behind this gnome-push are 
> thinking X-based, right?)  OTO-Other-H, gtk+ != gnome, and there are 
> plenty of non-gnome apps that use plain-old-gtk; this mitigates against
> /opt/*.

I have actually not started to build gtk+-2.4.x, I think it should be
possible to include both versions in one package.

> Good thing I'm not in charge of these decisions, or nothing would get 
> done. :-)



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