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RE: Generic build script instructions

> Basically, the GBS is supposed to be a template, which you 
> adapt for each
> package.  For a lot of packages it can be used as-is, as it 
> will determine
> the tarball extraction method, the package name, etc 
> automatically.  But
> in some cases (non-standard archiving, different name for a test rule,
> more documentation files to install), the GBS needs to be 
> modified/patched
> with package-specific things.

Understood - I'm run into a little bit of this right now,
primarily in the terms of the tarball formats.  For the most
part, it looks like the script just works (once you understand
how it works).


> >   Am I missing something?  I'm having trouble figuring out where I
> > should put the README file and setup.hint - that should 
> still go into
> > the CYGWIN-PATCHES directory in the main srcdir, from the looks of
> > things.  Is there anythign I've missed?
> >
> > -Samrobb
> Yes, the Cygwin-specific README and setup.hint should both go into
> CYGWIN-PATCHES.  If this works for you -- great.  If not, 
> you'll have to
> patch the GBS, but I'd like to know exactly what changes you 
> make, since
> it may be possible to incorporate some of them into the GBS 
> in a generic
> way.

Thanks, Igor - between your comments and Brian's pointing me at
the docs, I think I can manage without too much trouble.  If I
come up with any potentially interesting patches for the gbs,
I'll post them.


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