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Re: [HEADSUP] A new policy. First victim: Gerrit

Hi Corinna,

> For a start, we (cgf and I, that is) grant Gerrit the right, to add new
> package to the Cygwin net distro without review and by just getting one
> vote, if nobody else vetos the package within a week.

Wow, thanks!

> As a small payback it would be nice from you, Gerrit, to review ITP'd
> packages from other people.  Would that be ok with you?

Yes, ok, I'll try to do reviews more often anyway.

> Since my subject refers to Gerrit as the *first* victim: We would like
> to give other contributors the same rights, but we also still need
> reviewing of other packages.  So we would like to introduce this small
> deal:  If you are maintaining at least three packages in the distro,
> you can opt for the right to get new packages in without review and with
> just one vote, if

> - you include a statement in your ITP along the lines of "I've successfully
>   tried to install and use my own binary package and I did run through the
>   complete build process of my own source archive from scratch and it
>   worked fine."

> - you review another ITP'd package.

> Does that sound fair?

Yes, ok.


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