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Re: Requesting vote / review for submitted package

> I would appreciate further voting and/or reviewing to get this editor
> which works fine under cygwin into the distribution.

OK this is a +1 vote and it does indeed work fine. However, there are
a couple of packaging issues.

*you have the files named mined-2000.9{,-src}.tar.bz2 while Cygwin
packages have the naming scheme foo-version-release.tar.bz2. Since
this is the first Cygwin release, it should be
*there should be a /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/mined.README for any
Cygwin-specific issues (does it require CYGWIN=tty? does it work
better in rxvt than console?) and build instructions (such as the fact
that it requires gcc, make, and ncurses-devel to build); official
website and contact info wouldn't be bad to put in either
*you have a (plain text?) file /usr/share/info/mined.hlp and I'm not
sure if this is a problem. I guess the update-info script only looks
for .info files, but it would probably be better to put it in
something like /usr/share/mined/mined.hlp or
/usr/share/mined/guide.hlp so it doesn't get lost in all the noise.
*the source doesn't have any Cygwin-specific README or patches but
builds fine so that's OK as long as you put build instructions in
*the source doesn't actually create the Cygwin .tar.bz2 package, this
isn't a requirement but I believe it's relatively straightforward with
the generic-build-script

Thanks for the package and I think once these minor issues are cleared
up it is ready to go. And, as I believe cfg once said, there can never
be enough editors in the Cygwin distro. (Not to mention CJK capable

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