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Re: Gnome versioning issues [was Re: [ITP] glib-2.4.2-1]

Nicholas Wourms wrote:

glib-1.x -> glib-<version>
glib-2.x -> glib2-<version>

Likewise, for gtk+:

gtk+-1.x  -> gtk+-<version>
gtk+-2.x  -> gtk+2-<version>


I'd like to suggest that the names of library-only packages, like glib/gtk+, be prepended with a "lib", so that they show up in that portion of the full list and minimize confusion. This would compliment the current schema of packages like popt and iconv, which were prefixed with lib for that reason. I would further suggest appending [0-9] to the name so as to prepare for any binary incompatibilities which might arise. So my final suggestion would be like so:


If that '0' is not part of the "official" upstream version number, then I'd separate it from the '2' with an '_'. I went thru this with the bzip2 package...


But honestly, I don't think those last two are necessary. But I could be wrong.


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