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Gnome versioning issues [was Re: [ITP] glib-2.4.2-1]

yselkowitz wrote:
Gerrit P. Haase wrote:

~ ^
~ ^
Shouldn't these be glib-devel and glib-doc with a hyphen, not an underscore?

Another question (or RFC): glib-1.2 and glib-2.x were made to be able to
coexist, and calling this glib (rather than glib2) may collide with a
(perhaps private) package of glib-1.2.  CyGnome2 has called this package
glib2 for that reason, and some programs still use glib/gtk+-1.2 (dillo,
gnucash, and more).  How do the linux distros deal with this?

I completely agree! Both Debian and RedHat use some form of versioning to distinguish between the major releases. This is a prudent model since both libs are still being used. I think using RedHat's naming conventions for the gnome packages ought to be a general rule of thumb. So, using the RedHat model for glib:

glib-1.x -> glib-<version>
glib-2.x -> glib2-<version>

Likewise, for gtk+:

gtk+-1.x  -> gtk+-<version>
gtk+-2.x  -> gtk+2-<version>

I'd like to suggest that the names of library-only packages, like glib/gtk+, be prepended with a "lib", so that they show up in that portion of the full list and minimize confusion. This would compliment the current schema of packages like popt and iconv, which were prefixed with lib for that reason. I would further suggest appending [0-9] to the name so as to prepare for any binary incompatibilities which might arise. So my final suggestion would be like so:



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