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Re: [ITP] glib-2.4.2-1

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Gerrit P. Haase wrote:

| I want to contribute/maintain glib.
| Canonical website:

I'm sorry I'm nit-picking on this one, but I think this is one package
which is VERY important to get right, being that it's the foundation of
getting GNOME 2.6 built.

I noticed the file /usr/lib/charset.alias in your glib-devel package.
I've pointed out before that "cygcheck -f /usr/lib/charset.alias" gets
back at least four packages with this same file (fileutils, gettext,
texinfo, textutils).  The answer I got was that it belongs to gettext,
but other packages using built-in gettexts were making similar files.
Of course, I don't think I need to explain the problem of clobbering files.

The question is, how to solve it. Some possibilities:

1) if we move all of GNOME (i.e. glib-and-up dependant) to /opt/gnome2,
then it won't clobber anyway, and this becomes a non-issue.
2) if we stay in /usr, then is the file needed?  The file in your
package is just a few commented lines, as is that file in gettext.  Is
it possible to remove it from the package in the script (e.g. like

Anyway, I DO want to see this in the distro.  I'll try to find a way of
testing this without my already-installed CyGnome2 glib interfering;
there's a few things that I can try building against glib.  Thanks!!

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