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Re: [Cygnome2-devel] Re: My pending ITPs / votes & reviews wanted

Hi, Yaakov and all friends on cygwin-apps:

I'm very glad that gtk+/gnome packages could get into Cygwin net release.
If these packages were got into cygwin net release, I think there would be more people 
get involved, and these packages have chances to get more mature and stable.
(Currently,  cygnome2 only have one maintainer, me. :-( )

At present gtk2 (and glib2, atk, pango) could work fine on cygwin (with some small fixes. 
make check on glib2 still have some failure too),   and I use gaim, gftp, gqview, gvim and 
rox, xfce4 every day.  

And some small libraries  (such as audiofile, esound, startup-notificiation, libart) work too.

But gnome packages (esp GConf, libbonobo) have a long way to go. Even applications 
only based on libgnomeui couldn't go smoothly, stumbling with a lot core dumps.
Not to mention the desktop.

I had thought about to ITP these packages to Cygwin net release and maintain some of 
they.  But the limits on my experiences prevented my to do it. 
Another reason is that I couldn't (and probably won't in the future) have enough time 
to follow the threads on cygwin mailing lists.  I just read them someday or other when 
I have spare time.  One of aftereffect is I never noticed the new capability of binutils 
to support exporting symbols from .exe until David Huang told me.

As to the prefix (/opt/gnome2 or standard /), .... headache
If it's not /opt/gnome2, we have to rebuild most packages when we have glib2/gtk2 from
Cygwin net release.
What's the others' opinion? 

BTW: what about glib-1.2/gtk-1.2 ? There're some applications still using them,
such as wmakerconf and dillo.

Hansom Young 

Yaakov Selkowitz <> wrote:

> Hash: SHA1
> Hansom,
> I just wrote this to the cygwin-apps list, then I realized you might
> want to see this.  Gerrit Haase has contributed already a number of
> packages to the distro, and now he wants to get GNOME included.  FWIW,
> the Cygwin project head has given his approval for this plan.
> I think, perhaps we'll want to start working together with him on this?
> Gerrit P. Haase wrote:
> | More ITPs to follow.  Looking also for helpers.  Target is to get all
> | (or most) base libraries into the net release so one could try to build
> | GUI applications that don't need a full blown GNOME desktop (e.g.
> | Abiword, DIA, GIMP, Gnucash, Gnumeric, Sketch, Sodipodi from
> | or wvWare, Inkscape, Gnofract 4D,
> | Conglomerate, GtkAda, Terraform, Bluefish to mention just a few;) and on
> | the long end, to get a full blown Gnome desktop for Cygwin.
> IIRC, gnucash is still using gtk+-1.2.
> | What is still missing is the base of most of these packages, glib/gtk+,
> | I've already finished the build of glib-2.4.2 but atk, pango, gtk+ are
> | pending.  I'll ITP these all together.  Good news is, glib builds with
> | minor tweaks and all tests but one are passing (including all threads
> | tests, the test that fails is based on fork() and I guess there is some
> | problem with the test, but not with glib or cygwin).
> Have you checked out the CyGnome2 project at
> ?  Hansom Young has built all the core
> GNOME 2.4 libraries, along with a number of applications (some of which
> you've mentioned), and he has built test versions of glib/gtk+-2.4.  I
> have also built a few libraries, along with all the major language
> bindings, which are available at .
> In other words, you're not the first person to do this, so maybe it
> would be a good idea to draw on their experience (and maybe recruit them
> also)?
> | Should I send also a call for maintainers / contributors to the main
> | list?
> Good idea.  The GNOME desktop includes a TON of packages, and you're
> definitely going to need some help with all of them.  Unfortunately I
> can't guarantee ITP'ing anything until after the summer, but I'll see
> what I can do.
> BTW, did you think about how you're going to set this up?  While
> non-glib/gtk dependent libs can certainly go into /usr (i.e.
> libart_lgpl, audiofile, esound, etc.), I really like having
> glib/gtk+/GNOME in /opt/gnome2; as for the download server, I think
> everything for GNOME (glib-and-up dependant) should go into one
> subfolder, similar to X11, in order to reduce clutter.
> Just keep the pace so we can keep up, okay? :-)
> Yaakov
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