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Re: My pending ITPs / votes & reviews wanted

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Gerrit P. Haase wrote:

| More ITPs to follow.  Looking also for helpers.  Target is to get all
| (or most) base libraries into the net release so one could try to build
| GUI applications that don't need a full blown GNOME desktop (e.g.
| Abiword, DIA, GIMP, Gnucash, Gnumeric, Sketch, Sodipodi from
| or wvWare, Inkscape, Gnofract 4D,
| Conglomerate, GtkAda, Terraform, Bluefish to mention just a few;) and on
| the long end, to get a full blown Gnome desktop for Cygwin.

IIRC, gnucash is still using gtk+-1.2.

| What is still missing is the base of most of these packages, glib/gtk+,
| I've already finished the build of glib-2.4.2 but atk, pango, gtk+ are
| pending.  I'll ITP these all together.  Good news is, glib builds with
| minor tweaks and all tests but one are passing (including all threads
| tests, the test that fails is based on fork() and I guess there is some
| problem with the test, but not with glib or cygwin).

Have you checked out the CyGnome2 project at ?  Hansom Young has built all the core
GNOME 2.4 libraries, along with a number of applications (some of which
you've mentioned), and he has built test versions of glib/gtk+-2.4.  I
have also built a few libraries, along with all the major language
bindings, which are available at .

In other words, you're not the first person to do this, so maybe it
would be a good idea to draw on their experience (and maybe recruit them

| Should I send also a call for maintainers / contributors to the main
| list?

Good idea.  The GNOME desktop includes a TON of packages, and you're
definitely going to need some help with all of them.  Unfortunately I
can't guarantee ITP'ing anything until after the summer, but I'll see
what I can do.

BTW, did you think about how you're going to set this up?  While
non-glib/gtk dependent libs can certainly go into /usr (i.e.
libart_lgpl, audiofile, esound, etc.), I really like having
glib/gtk+/GNOME in /opt/gnome2; as for the download server, I think
everything for GNOME (glib-and-up dependant) should go into one
subfolder, similar to X11, in order to reduce clutter.

Just keep the pace so we can keep up, okay? :-)


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