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[ITP] libwmf-


I want to contribute/maintain libwmf, the library for reading vector
images Windøws Metafile Format (WMF).
This is another ImageMagick support library.

category: Libs Graphics
requires: cygwin expat libfreetype26 libiconv2 libintl2 libjpeg62 libpng12 xorg-x11-bin-dlls zlib
sdesc: "library for reading vector images Windøws Metafile Format (WMF)"
ldesc: "libwmf is a library for reading vector images in Microsøft's
native Windøws Metafile Format (WMF) and for either (a) displaying them
in, e.g., an X window; or (b) converting them to more standard/open file
formats such as, e.g., the W3C's XML-based Scaleable Vector Graphic
(SVG) format. Currently bindings exist for conversion to: 

- the following vector image formats:
    (& Encapsulated) PostScript (EPS & PS)
    Facility for Interactive Generation of graphics (FIG)
    Scaleable Vector Graphic (SVG)

- the following raster image formats:
    Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
    Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)

Question about direcory layout:
There are some fonts included, I need to specify --with-fontdir= and
'--with-sysfontmap=FILE  default is /usr/share/fonts/fontmap'
for configure.

Is there a common sysfontmapfile already somewhere included or should we
define one, e.g /usr/share/fonts/fontmap (if ITP is accepted)?

Download for Test & Review:

Please vote!

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