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New maintainer for cURL?

I'm no longer interested in taking care of the cURL package; are there
any volunteers available to take my place?

It generally builds 100% clean OOTB, so there's rarely any issue; I just
lack the minimal time to keep up with it, and also lack the coding
experience necessary should there ever be a cygwin specific problem to
be fixed (or new feature to support). 

A rudimentary build target is in place in the upstream sources to handle
building the Cygwin tarballs. It's not perfect, but it's use is
documented in the package's cygwin README. That readme is also kept in
the upstream sources, in a sub-folder named packages/Win32/cygwin/.

The primary developer (Daniel Stenberg) is very active on the cURL
mailing list, and is highly responsive when needed. He keeps a listing of all current builds, so in
addition to uploading new Cygwin builds to, it would be nice
to either load them onto, or at least let Daniel know about
new versions at so he can link to them there...

Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?

- Kevin

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