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Re: ddd-3.3.8-1 packaging error

Christopher Faylor wrote:

On Tue, Jan 27, 2004 at 11:52:22AM -0500, Harold L Hunt II wrote:

Brian Ford wrote:

This is just a note to Harold so he can correct this error for his next
ddd release (whenever that is).  Ddd is an X11 app, so it should be
rooted in /usr/X11R6 rather than /usr.

I don't know if it is an error so much as something that I have been struggling with. There is a general consensus in the X community that /usr/X11R6 needs to just go away. I am trying to put as few new things there as necessary (if a package can be used at all without X, then it doesn't need to be there, IMHO). Now, the real question is whether I made a conscious decision to root the package in /usr versus just forgetting to change it to /usr/X11R6? I can't recall doing either of these... so I really can't say if I was being strong minded or forgetful :)

Just in case it matters: I might have been bothered by X stuff showing
up in /usr/bin in the past (I can't remember but it sounds like
something I'd be annoyed about) but this directory does seem to be
deprecated.  So, there are no objections from my part on putting X stuff
into /usr/bin.

Good to hear. I believe that you were previously annoyed by this, so I am happy to hear that it isn't an issue anymore :)

I'll probably root any new X packages in /usr now. I will, as I make other updates, re-root thing in /usr.

The major repackaging of X that is coming in a few months will probably be rooted in /usr as well. That repackaging will involve very little of the legacy cruft directories that clutter /usr/X11R6... if there are many of those crufty directories left, then I will probably leave them in /usr/X11R6 (I don't suspect there will be enough to justify this), or I will move them to /usr/share/X or something similar. Obviously, I will be tracking what other platforms are doing so that we are compatible with the community consensus on where X things should be located. Again, nothing changing soon, just making people aware of an anticipated and general direction of things to come.


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