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Re: [ITP]cabextract-0.6 - New package (repost)

* Sun 2004-01-11 Harold L Hunt II <> list.cygwin-apps
* Message-Id: <>
| Daniel Reed wrote:
| > On 2003-11-11T13:47+0200, Jari Aalto+mail.linux wrote:
| > )
| > )
| > )
| > 
| > Since it has met all formal requirements, I have uploaded cabextract. (The
| > HOLD-UPS line in the PPL is empty.)
| > 
| > However, Jari Aalto has not posted to cygwin-apps since November of last
| > year, and does not appear to have responded to private queries. He has other
| > packages in the PPL; should these be [temporarily] de-listed?
| > Should we begin a countdown toward putting maintainership of cabextract up
| > for grabs?
| I think so.
| The problem with the cabextract package was the same as the problems 
| with all of Jari's other packages: the build script had errors.  For 
| example, you cannot download the -src of cabextract and build a new 
| version for distribution.  If you do, the build script within that new 
| -src package will be called, or some such.

Build problems addressed, package recompiled and newly packaged. Please review

To download:

  lynx -dump | sh

Leave out the "| sh" to review the script before running it.


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