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Re: Pending Packages List, 2004-01-23

Package: openldap 2.1.25-1  [2004-01-02]
Description: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol runtime
   Proposer: Dr. Volker Zell
       Also: openldap-devel  [Lightweight Directory Access Protocol libraries and headers]
       Also: libopenldap2  [Lightweight Directory Access Protocol runtime]
     Status: Attained required 3 votes. Package available.
   HOLD-UPS: No "good to go" review.

1) minor quibble (not a showstopper): I have a (very) new version of libtool on my system, and "tag inference" support has been dropped -- this, coupled with some other esoterica means that libtool complains when it tries to link the DLLs.

It really boils down to ldap defaults to using 'cc' as the compiler, but libtool expects 'gcc'. By modifying the buildscript:
+ CC=gcc CXX=g++ \
${srcdir}/configure \
everything works fine, because now ldap "thinks" that gcc is the default, too. This is only a problem with very new libtools.

2) other than than, rebuilding from -src package was fine.

3) During my rebuild, my ${instdir} contained the following files that were not included in any package. Was this omission deliberate? (see especially the /var/ directory structure...)


4) ran test suite...all tests passed for both bdb and ldbm backends

5) installed, etc -- OK.

Good to go, assuming resolution of #3 above.
Wait -- from your README, I see the following:

Initial release

These are just the LDAP clients and libraries from the openldap package.
Although the LDAP servers (slapd and slurpd) seem to run fine I'm not willing to contribute and maintain them. If somebody wants to step in please mail to the list.

Okay, I consider point #3 addressed. So, good to go as is. For the NEXT release, please update the build script as detailed in #1.


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