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Re: CAMP (was Re: HEADSUP: Apache maintainer wanted!)

On Thu, 22 Jan 2004, Reini Urban wrote:

> Igor Pechtchanski schrieb:
> > <>.  Done. :-D
> BTW: I hope you all know what "camp" originally means.
> Originally a term defined by Susan Sontag for a special outrageous and
> overt style mainly used by gays. We often use it in discussion on films.
> ("camp style" or "camp aesthetic")

I suppose it is that too.  That's exactly the reason we started a Cygwin
acronym list in the first place -- to make sure people who find acronyms
on the Cygwin lists won't be confused by alternate meanings (which a lot
of the acronyms in the OLOCA have anyway).  In the context of Cygwin, CAMP
will have the meaning of "Cygwin/Apache/MySQL/PHP" combo, and not the one
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