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Re: [UPDATE] apache-1.3.29-1 ready for testing and upload

Stipe Tolj wrote:

> Brian Dessent wrote:

> > You're using "configure --with-eapi-only --with-apache=" from mod_ssl to
> > patch in EAPI, right?  When you do this it leaves a backup copy for
> > every file it patches, which in turn gets included in the Cygwin patch
> > as new files, which contributes to its large size.  If you nuke all
> > *.orig after the EAPI patch, it should cut it down a lot.
> yep. An option. I was aware of it, and considered it more
> "semantically clean". But I guess you convinced my to nuke them in
> advance of the patch size and readablility.

I agree it's cleaner to leave them there, but when you consider that the
Cygwin patch brings it back to the state of the upstream tarball, it
means that you're essentially including each of those files twice.  In
other words, the .orig files are what you get after the patch anyway.

BTW, I was messing around with building it using "method 2" and the
generic build script.  It wasn't working too well.  The build script
wants to build in a seperate .build directory, so you have to use the
--shadow option to Apache's configure, to copy the entire source tree
over with symlinks.  After that it still wouldn't build correctly,
aborting immediately after make with an error about not being able to
find src/helpers/DetectOS, even though there's a symlink for it
present.  (Cygwin also gives a bunch of thread errors when running, but that's another story.)  Anyway, my point of all this is
that the way you're doing is probably best.  :-)  The "method 2" is much
more of a pain than it's worth.


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