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Re: [PACKAGE UPDATE]: grace-5.1.14-1 - WITHDRAWN


Okay, with this additional info, I suggest rebuilding your 5.1.12 version against the new LessTif libs and on an updated Cygwin installation and see if that build works.

I just did this, using shared libraries. It fails the same way the 5.1.14 version does. (lesstif 0.93.91-6)



Volker Quetschke wrote:

Hi Harold,

grace 5.1.14 crashes under certain circumstances. The 5.1.12 version
doesn't! (All libraries linked in static)

OK, this was very confusing, what I meant was that 5.1.12 was linked
using static libraries. I'm even not sure if this was really the case,
but the executable is 1 meg bigger than the 5.1.14 version and lesstif
was not required for the this version to run.
Unfortunately cygcheck doesn't give infos about libraries used for
grace 5.1.12 at all, propably because it is an old cygwin 1.13.x

grace 5.1.14 is using the shared lesstif libraries, I forgot the
dependency to lesstif in the first place, so I know for sure ;-)

Hmm... that could be part of the problem. I do not know that the LessTif static libraries even work anymore after the changes we made to make Xt and LessTif as shared libraries. You should try linking against the shared libs and see if it works as expected.

That's the way it is done.


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