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[ITP] libwin32-perl-0.191 (ready for upload and testing)

Happy New Year everyone!

The files:

The package is installable by pointing setup.exe to above URL, selecting
the "exp" checkbox and looking under "Libs".

Or download directly from:

The setup.hint:

@ libwin32-perl
test: 0.191-1
sdesc: "Perl extensions for using the Win32 API"
category: "System" "Libs" "Interpreters"
requires: perl cygwin
ldesc: "Perl extensions for using the Win32 API.
Included modules: Win32CORE, Win32API::File, Win32API::Net,
ChangeNotify, Clipboard, Console, Event, EventLog, File, FileSecurity,
IPC, Internet, Job, Mutex, NetAdmin, NetResource, ODBC, OLE, PerfLib,
Process, Registry, Semaphore, Service, Shortcut, Sound, TieRegistry and

This is my thoroughly modified version of libwin32-0.191 from CPAN,
along with the latest release of Win32::GUI and my port of Win32 CORE
methods for Cygwin Perl.

More on my project here:

The original libwin32-0.191 lives here:

And Win32::GUI is here:

I included it in my distribution to simplify maintenance and because
it's probably the most exciting Win32:: module that is also in very
active development.

These modules are built against Perl 5.8.2, which is in testing for some
reason right now, so I marked this package as testing as well. This
package _must_ be built against the same minor version of Perl, so the
package will not work with Perl 5.8.0 (it won't even build with that
version, but that's another issue.) I didn't see in the documentation a
way to require a specific version of a package like in debian/control,
so it just requires "perl".

The reason I want to maintain a package is to simplify access to the
Win32:: modules for Cygwin Perl users, who would otherwise not be aware
of my project or their availability, and to have the compiled extensions
be managed by the "rebaseall" utility, which is cumbersome in a
non-package distribution.

Some package notes:

Docs and samples follow the same file hierarchy as in the original
distribution under /usr/share/doc/libwin32-perl-0.191/... eg.,


They are harvested using a long "find" command on install. I've thought
about making separate "samples" and "docs" directories in the
/usr/share/doc/libwin32-perl-0.191/ directory, or perhaps just moving
the samples into a "samples" directory with the same module tree, any

Also a couple .pl files get erroneously installed into the module tree,
this is harmless and I'll remove them in the next version...



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