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textmode web browsers and their setup.hint descriptions

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Harold L Hunt II wrote:
| I would like to contribute and maintain elinks

when we will have "lynx", "links" and "elinks" I think it culd be very
useful to differentiate descriptions a bit.

lynx = "Text-mode WWW Browser"
"Lynx is a terminal based WWW browser. While it does not make any attempt
at displaying graphics, it has good support for HTML text formatting,
forms, and tables.  This version includes support for SSL encryption."

links = "Text mode web browser"
"Links is a very capable text-mode web browser. It obeys
keyboard commands similar to lynx but unlike lynx, links supports
the HTML TABLE tag. Links also allows you to download files in the

elinks = "Text mode web browser"
"ELinks is a program for browsing the web in text mode."

At least "links" tries to be "better" than "lynx" in the ldesc, but
ldescs are not yet used by setup.exe, imho they should be different in
the sdesc also.
The ldesc of elinks is way too underscriptive IMHO.

The differences in the sdesc od "lynx" and "links" are also quite
ridicolous: if we really want to use that description then let's use the
*very* same for both, not a sligthly modified version of the same

BTW: lynx's ldesc talks about support for tables, links's ldesc negates
that... where is the truth?

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