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Re: [ITP] elinks-0.9.0

Frédéric L. W. Meunier wrote:

On Fri, 26 Dec 2003, Harold L Hunt II wrote:

2- It's sort of broken under cmd.exe. See (the cursor) (corrupts the screen
when you scroll text)

I'm willing to let this be a "known issue" until someone steps in with a bug fix. It certainly isn't work keeping the package out of Cygwin only for this reason. Including the package at this point makes it more likely that someone will find the problem and present a fix.

But could you reproduce it ?

And ignore elinks1.png since the cursor is gone at screenshot
time. But it's like elinks2.png.

I think I reproduced it. But the screen updating is broken under all shells... not just cmd. For example, under bash, the "Resolving host" (or whatever it says) is left on the screen after the page loads, one line above the status bar. That is not correct; that line is supposed to be cleared from the screen, but it is staying in place. ELinks is just like links on Cygwin: it barely works :) I'm sure that someone that is interested could figure out what the problem is. It could be as simple as improper detection of the screen size.

3- Sites which use compression (like Slashdot) may hang it.

"Received 21 KiB of 41 KiB, speed 27 KiB/s"

and it stays here forever. works for me. No problems. Got any other sites that I can try it with? Give me exact URLs so that I don't accidentally point to version of the site that doesn't have compression enabled.

I could reproduce it opening I tried 3 times and
it always stayed at "Received 9.0KiB, speed 23 KiB/s". The same
with 0.4.3.

I'm not used to gdb, but using 'attach' and 'where' didn't
help. Do you know what the right commands are ?

I still cannot reproduce the problem.

5- You didn't use --enable-leds --enable-fastmem
--enable-256-colors --enable-local-cgi. They don't seem to
cause any problems.
--enable-local-cgi doesn't seem necessary, does it?  The others seem
valid to me and I will add them to the build script.

What do you mean by not necessary ? It's a feature, listed in
NEWS and enabled in contrib/, so may be worth.

Tell me what it does. I thought I saw something that said it could cause a security hole. Plus, are local CGIs even an issue on Cygwin? Can we verify that the feature actually has something to work with? That is what I mean by not necessary: enabling it may have absolutely no benefit if the other pieces of the puzzle are not there on Cygwin.


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