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Re: [ITP] elinks-0.9.0

On Fri, 26 Dec 2003, Harold L Hunt II wrote:

> > 2- It's sort of broken under cmd.exe. See
> >
> > (the cursor)
> >
> > (corrupts the screen
> > when you scroll text)
> I'm willing to let this be a "known issue" until someone steps in with a
> bug fix.  It certainly isn't work keeping the package out of Cygwin only
> for this reason.  Including the package at this point makes it more
> likely that someone will find the problem and present a fix.

But could you reproduce it ?

And ignore elinks1.png since the cursor is gone at screenshot
time. But it's like elinks2.png.

> > 3- Sites which use compression (like Slashdot) may hang it.
> >
> > "Received 21 KiB of 41 KiB, speed 27 KiB/s"
> >
> > and it stays here forever.
> works for me.  No problems.  Got any other sites that I can
> try it with?  Give me exact URLs so that I don't accidentally point to
> version of the site that doesn't have compression enabled.

I could reproduce it opening I tried 3 times and
it always stayed at "Received 9.0KiB, speed 23 KiB/s". The same
with 0.4.3.

I'm not used to gdb, but using 'attach' and 'where' didn't
help. Do you know what the right commands are ?

> > 5- You didn't use --enable-leds --enable-fastmem
> > --enable-256-colors --enable-local-cgi. They don't seem to
> > cause any problems.
> --enable-local-cgi doesn't seem necessary, does it?  The others seem
> valid to me and I will add them to the build script.

What do you mean by not necessary ? It's a feature, listed in
NEWS and enabled in contrib/, so may be worth.

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