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Re: [tony.arnold: ImageMagick packaging problem]

[Moving discussion to cygwin-apps]

Christopher Faylor wrote:
A head's up for Harold.


Btw, since this package relies on XFree86, shouldn't it live in the
XFree86 directory.

Err... well, it depends on X mostly like the emacs X package does... it links against it and one or two of the command-line apps uses it (mostly to display images), but the majority of the command-line apps don't actually display anything in X at all. So yes, it does rely on it, but it doesn't need a working X Server to be useful. I think its really a judgement call with this package as to where to put it; I put it where I did... if anyone feels strongly about changing that, feel free to do so, it will not upset me.

----- Forwarded message from Tony Arnold <tony.arnold> -----

From: Tony Arnold
Subject: ImageMagick packaging problem
Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2003 16:29:10 +0000

I just downloaded and installed teh ImageMagick package. It installed fine, but when I tried to rung one of the command line tools such as identify or convert, it complained it could not find the configuration files in /usr/lib/ImageMagick.5.5.7 and on checking this directory does not exist. The readme for this package indicates this directiry tree should be included included in this package.

I eventually discovered the libMagick-devel package which does include the above directory path.

It seems to me that the pathe for the config files should either be included in the main package or the devel package should be a dependency of the main packge.

Yes, it had been mentioned before that these were configuration files that were needed at run-time by the libraries and that their location had been changed. However, we never fully answered our own questions about what to do here, so the result was that they were never moved. We then started looking at using the GraphicsMagick package as a replacement for ImageMagick, which diverted attention from this.

I have moved the files to the libMagick6 package from the libMagick-devel package. This solves the problem in the short term; the long term problem of how to handle the fact that this is a versioned directory remains open.

I will post a new version of the ImageMagick packages shortly.


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