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Re: [distcc] distcc 2.12 released


Martin Pool wrote:

distcc 2.12 is out.  Thankyou to everyone who contributed patches,
suggestions, bug or success reports.

The changes in this release are not enormously exciting.  If none of
the items below apply to you, there is no urgent need to upgrade.

distcc-2.12 "Figgy Pudding" 2003-12-19


    * New --log-level feature allows logging of only errors rather
      than messages for each connection.

    * IPv6 support now works better when distcc is configured with
      --enable-rfc2553.  The server can normally accept either IPv4 or
      IPv6 connections.

    * New --with-docdir configure option to set install location for
      documents.  The default is the same as previously.  Patch from
      Harold L Hunt II.

This is great. Thanks for making a quick release to get this in. I have repackaged the distcc package for Cygwin for this new release. Our platform-specific patch now contains only our Cygwin README file and our setup file; distcc now builds completely "out of the box" on Cygwin.


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